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Columbus, Georgia has the distinction of being the largest town in the United States with a larger namesake city Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is also known as the Fountain City and is a great place to live and work. Its a city that effortlessly combines traditional Southern hospitality with an outlook that is both progressive and forward looking.
     Columbus enjoys an excellent location in the Chattahoochee River Valley on the border with Alabama a beautiful part of the state offering hiking, golf, camping and other activities. 
       If you are planning to relocate to Columbus, one of your biggest concerns will be the availability of affordable housing. The city of Columbus offers a wide range of homes in all styles and for all budgets.
    The increase in corporate activity in the city, as well as the large military population at nearby Fort Benning ensures a high demand for housing  an average of 2000 properties are available at any one time.
     Columbus is considered to be something of a hot market at the moment, compared to other parts of the country, many house prices have doubled since the 1970s, while others have significantly increased in value. Business Week magazine also considers Columbus to be a market that is undervalued, while Money magazine lists it as one of the best cities to retire to.

     In Columbus, downtown is still very much alive - the city has encouraged the development of historic districts in an effort to protect older residential downtown neighborhoods. Several historic districts were created in the city among them, the southwest corner of downtown, and the Wynnton area. The area known as Heritage Corner contains several fine antebellum houses.
      Downtown has also been revitalized by public and private funding, making it a desirable place to live. A non-profit organization, Uptown Columbus, has helped to bring in investment and residents. Recent efforts have revitalized the area along the river, leading to the creation of the Chattahoochee River walk.
      Columbus really is one of those rarities - a thriving city with a small town feel. Whether you are on business, vacation or relocating,  the City of Fountains will welcome you.

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