Property Management in and around Columbus Ga and Fort Benning

Professional Property Managers!  Including: Fort Benning GA,  Columbus, GA, Harris County Ga, Hamilton GA, Fortson GA, Cataula GA, Phenix City, AL, Fort Mitchell, Al, Smith Station, AL and surrounding areas

If you are looking for  a company to handle your property management in the Columbus Ga area or around Fort Benning including Fort Mitchel AL and Phenix City Al let our Ten 20 Property Management Team take care of you!   We give boutique quality service to our homeowners.   We can advise you on the best option for you.   Our staff is experienced and friendly to work with.   We will use our experience and tools to help you screen your candidates for your home.   Your home is one of your most valuable assets and we can help you find a good family or individual who will take care of your home and pay on time.    You will always have the final say in who is in your home but we will work together with you to help you find a good person or family 

There may be a couple of reasons that you would want to let us manage your home rather than sell your home.  

1) Having a your home in property management is a great way to create wealth.   You can let someone else pay for your home while your home appreciates over the years.  At retirement you can either sell the home at that time or continue to let us manage the home for passive income through your retirement years.   A lot of military families at Fort Benning have bought a home while they are here and then hang onto it until their retirement years for just this purpose.  Passive income has been a proven source of wealth building over the years.   

2) Another reason you may want to consider property management is if your home has not appreciated enough yet to cover the expenses of selling your home.   In this case it may make sense to allow us to manage your home until it has appreciated enough to make it worthwhile to sell.  

3) Ten 20 Property Management is the most highly rated property management company in the area!  

If you do decide you would like to sell your home now or at some point in the future, our team will be there for you to assist you in selling your home in Columbus GA or Fort Benning!! 

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