Guaranteed Sale Program For Columbus GA & Phenix City

We no longer offer the Guaranteed Sale Program.    

That said, listing your home with us does not automatically enter you into our guaranteed sale program.    If you would like to be in the program please fill out the form below and we will talk to you about the qualifications.   For example we do not include properties that are unusual one of kind properties or properties that are very rural because we cannot predict an accurate sales price like we can in more defined subdivisions.   We also don't include short sales.    We are glad to tell you up front if you qualify.   Just talk to us about how to be entered into the guaranteed sale program and we will discuss it and see if it is right for you.   

If we do purchase your home it will be at a "wholesale" price and we tell you that up front.   Many times this does work for people but it is not for everyone.   You should also know that we have a price range for the homes we purchase.  Typically we purchase homes that appraise between $75,000 and $250,000 but we do make exceptions in certain cases.  Just ask us up front and we will evaluate your home for the guaranteed sale program.  

Again, just listing your home does not automatically put you in our guaranteed sale program.   Talk to us up front about it and let us know this is what you want to do.   If you qualify we can set this up when we do the listing agreement in writing.  

Apply for the program below...  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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