Columbus GA Riverwalk

The Chattahoochee river has always been the lifeblood of Columbus.  In the past the river was a transportation center where cotton was unloaded and paddleboats made their way.    Springs in the north Georgia Mountains form the Chattahoochee which flows through Columbus Georgia and all the way into the panhandle of Florida.


In Columbus Lake Oliver and to the north of Columbus - Lake Harding are formed by the river.    The downtown mills that were the main commerce in Columbus for years were powered by the river.   Now we enjoy 15 miles of Riverwalk along the Chattahoochee.   It is a relaxing park running from downtown past Golden Park, the Civic Center, Coca Cola Museum, Civil War Museum and winding its way down to Oxbow Meadows next to Fort Benning.    It is a beautiful walk where bikers bike and lovers walk along the banks of the Chattahoochee.  

Now they are in the process of creating the longest urban whitewater experience in the world where the mills once were.   Now the old mills are being converted into downtown condos that are very popular in our area.  Many have views of the new whitewater experience.  

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My friend and fellow Realtor in Austin TX says they are building a riverwalk in Austin that will rival the rivewalk in San Antonio

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