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Info for Home Buyers

For most of us our home is our biggest asset, and I think, the best investment we have.   It is important that we make a good decision and we are here to help.  It makes sense to use a professional Realtor to help you with your home purchase.  Remember the seller typically pays the Realtor fees and these are shared with your agent - so you have a professional working for you at no cost to you.  As professional Realtors Donna and Wayne can help you locate a home, point you in an unbiased way in the right direction for mortgage financing, (mortgage calculator) and help you with all the details of closing the purchase!

Searching for a home in the Columbus area

Despite (and perhaps because of) the great selections in homes in the area, buyers sometimes have a difficult time narrowing down and zeroing in on the home for them.  That is the reason we provide search tools with mapping and other factors to help you with your search!

A great way to start the search is with these internet search tools.  When you feel you are ready we will be here to help you look at the homes you like.  Locate financing and negotiate a purchase.

The Home Buying Process

You may be interested in the typical home buying process.  This is typically how it works: 

  • You begin to search on the internet
  • You get pre-qualified for a loan ( This makes you a stronger buyer to the seller and it give you a ceiling to search under).
  • We line up a time to look at homes you and I have selected.
  • We find a home that meets your needs and decide to make an offer!
  • We negotiate a contract for purchase paying attention to several details like who will pay closing costs, home warranty, right to inspect and ask for repairs of defects, etc.
  • We work with the lender to put the financing in place.
  • We work with the lawyer to get you good title to the property.
  • We set up inspections of the property for defects, termites, etc. and address any concerns we find.
  • We take care of the details required to close the transaction!
  • We walk you through the whole process! Contact us!

Five Reasons to buy your home with a REALTOR®

  1. Access to the listings and help evaluating the listings.
  2. Knowledge about the facts concerning the properties.
  3. Professional to help you negotiate.
  4. Unbiased help with financing.
  5. Help in evaluating the investment potential.
  6. It typically costs you nothing to have a professional Realtor represent you because the commission is paid by the Seller!

Donna is awesome at keeping up with what is on the market and what is coming on the market.  We can help you get the first shot at a home that may fit you and help you evaluate the potential for each property.

Many home purchases involve extensive negotiations.  Donna and I negotiate nearly 100 transactions per year and we study negotiation tactics.   We will put our experience and abilities to work for you.   We are full time Realtors who will put you, as our client, first in negotiating on your behalf.   We can save you time and give you the assurance of professional expertise. 

To get in touch with us today, please contact us whenever you'd like.

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