4th of July in Columbus Ga

We have 2 big events in Columbus Georgia on the 4th of July.  Both include fireworks. 

One is Thunder on the Hooch which is down on the Chattahoochee River.  It is a family friendly event with all kinds of fair type events ending in fireworks at dark.  

The second one is the one I usually attend every year at Callaway Gardens.  It is an awesome event for all ages - part of the reason I like Callaway so much in general.   It starts with Robin Lake and includes skiing, paddleboating, and other water play along the beach at the lake.  They also have fair events like facepainting, and water slides.    FSU presents the high flying circus under the tent.  At 7:30 the Swinging Medallions play beach music for listening and dancing followed by great fireworks. 

 You will see all ages having fun from small children to senior adults.  It is a great event and is free with our year round pass.  

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