Live to Learn

columbus_scenes_006_400Looking for some new tricks? The Columbus area is full of places to learn some.

You can explore space at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center, treetops at the treetop trail at Oxbow Meadows, or flowers, vegetables, and butterflies (oh, my) at Callaway Gardens.

Then there are classes for anything you might have ever though of doing. Columbus State University not only teaches regular classes to regular students, but also art, exercise, dance, music and more to us non-student types. Wayne and I have taken a dance class, and we plan to start a new one in October. I am also in an exercise class there now.

Columbus Cooks is willing to try to teach us to cook. I’d like to know if they could teach me how to make time to cook. Maybe I should check back with CSU about a time management class.

Callaway Gardens offers classes from cooking and gardening to fly fishing. I have seen the fly fishing students practicing in a field before they try the water, or do you think you have to catch a fly before you can catch the fish?

There are even pilot lessons at the Columbus Airport.

I don’t know what you are hoping to learn, but if you look hard enough, I think someone is teaching it somewhere nearby

By: Donna Long


#1 By Orange Beach Condos at 12/24/2017 1:30 AM

I have always wanted to go to Callaway Gardens. Is it another of the great Coca Cola estates like Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile?

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