How to Sell your Home Quick!

Recently we have had several homes that just sold immediately.    So, it brought to mind why these homes sold so fast while other homes languish on the market.   What the quick sales had in common was that the seller asked us for advice and then followed through with doing what we advised to get their home ready to sell.   They also priced the home realistically but to tell the truth the main reason the home sold so quickly is that the seller prepared the home for sale.   Here is a testimonial from one of these sellers Brent and Carrie Purvis.  

"My wife and I had a home for over 8 years that we would annually try to sell but never had any luck. We use Wayne and Donna, listened to their recommendations, and within 45 days our home was sold! No Joke... 45 days! I highly recommend them. They are a true pleasure to work with."

Other Testimonials for Wayne and Donna 

 In this example they had to do mostly cosmetic items to the home which included carpet and paint and some of the soffit and trim for the outside of the home to get the home move in ready.  They did all the items recommended.   Additionally, we recommended landscaping as we have found this is one of the most reasonable ways to improve the vital first impression of the home!  Great landscaping gives the home that much needed warm and fuzzy feeling when the potential buyer drives up to the home.   They did all these items and then they were also realistic about their price and expectations.  Their home was in a very desirable area of North Columbus in the 31909 zip code but you can see that they had tried to sell the home several times before but had not had any success.  

Here are some of the items that contributed to success with selling their home.  

1) The owners put the home in great condition

2) We had a professional photographer take photos of their home

3) We put together a great marketing plan to market the home to the general public, to other Realtors in the area, as well as people locally.

4) We priced the home realistically to maximize the sales price as well as limit the days on the market. 

5) We had good communication between the seller and us throughout the process. 

We feel like the sale of your home is a partnership between us and you as the seller.   We want to sell the home for the most money possible and you as the seller want to sell the home for the most money possible.   We also want to get the home sold in a timely manner so that you can move on with the next phase of your life! 

Another example of a home we sold quick!

In another recent example the seller lived out of town and had a renter who had moved out.   Unfortunately, the renter did not maintain the home well and had destroyed the pool liner and carpet in the bedrooms and had not kept up the yard.   So, the owner asked us for advice and then took care of all the repairs that we recommended as well as getting the pool ready to swim and the yard landscaped.   Again, we priced the home realistically and the home was in Midland GA which is a good location.    The home was under contract in less than a week.    We didn't even get to hold an open house before it went under contract!   Exciting for us as well as the seller!

I just wanted to share my thoughts on how to get you home sold quick. I hope this helps and that you will choose us as your Realtors!   

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