100% financing is still available in Columbus GA!

moneyandpeachesIf we listen to the news we would think that there is no financing available and that a buyer must have 25% down to finance a home.   This is just not true!   There are still several programs that will help you buy a home with 0% to 3% down.    Especially if you are a first time home buyer or have limited income or if you are in a service industry like Military, School Teacher, or Nurse.   Here are some examples of possible loans that may allow you a minimum down payment. 

 1) VA loan for military families - 100% financing with just reasonable credit requirements

2) FHA loan - 97% financing with reasonable credit

3) Georgia Dream - help with down payment if you fall into a lower income bracket, are a school teacher, police, or nurse.   Ask us about this option to help with the 3% down required by the FHA.  Georgia Dream + FHA could equal 100% financing

4) City Grant - Similar to the Georgia Dream above and can sometimes be combined with the Georgia Dream to really increase your borrowing power.  

5) Rural Housing - For areas outside the city there is 100% financing with very minimal requirements as well.  

There are still a lot of options including the ones mentioned above that will allow you to own a home with nothing or nearly nothing down.   In most cases we can negotiate the seller to pay your closing costs.  

Let us help you make a good decision and a wise investment!    


#1 By Mary Ann Knell at 12/24/2017 1:30 AM

Great job pointing out some of the different options for loans out there-many people don't realize they could get a special rate because of their profession-military, teaching, etc-great to point that out!

#2 By Joe at 12/24/2017 1:30 AM

Hey Wayne,
I saw you had posted a comment on Ryan's blog and thought I would stop by and check things out. Nice looking site and blog Wayne. Love the pics you're including in the blog entries.

Regarding this blog entry,- financing is available but certainly harder to come by these days. Colleen and I have always had great credit (800+ scores) and had a difficult time qualifying for another investment property. First time in years we've had our application scrutinized by underwriters. Most of time we're approved ASAP. Oh well, tightening credit is necessary evil, I guess. ;)

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